Glass Root Services

NDDB works with milk producers’ co-operatives, private dairies entrepreneurs and consumers. It also Endeavour’s to-ordinate NGOs and social and voluntary organizations related to the dairy sector. NDDB provides consulting services to milk producers’ co-operative societies and private dairies.


NDDB is involved in developing and upgrading the knowledge and skills of stakeholders through various types of practical training, workshop/seminar, extension and research activities.

Co-operative Strengthening

NDDB co-operative strengthening programme is designed to stimulate the farmer’s role and responsibilities for promoting the highest level of member participation in their co-operatives. NDDB is committed to further strengthen the milk producers’ co-operatives in the country. It also encourages the village women for their active participation in milk production as milk producers’ co-operative members.

Infrastructure Development

NDDB has supported diary farmers in infrastructure development by providing inputs such as milk chilling vats and other diary equipments through DDF.

Elimination of milk holidays

NDDB has initiated several measures including export of milk to India to help elimination milk holidays.

International Co-Operation

Ongoing activities are being supported by the Royal Danish Government under the DANIDA Support Project (DSP, 15th April 1996-16th April 2001A).

CO-Operation with NDDB-INDIA

NDDB Nepal and NDDB-India has signed a MOU in 1998 for milk Trading, joint Venture, Training, Establishment of Technical Training Center and Technical Assistance. In order to implement the MOU, the visit of expert teams from NDDB-India has already been made to explore the areas of cooperation and terms of assistance.