About Us

National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is an apex level policy-making body for dairy development in Nepal. Keeping in view the constraints and opportunities of the dairy sector, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal (HMG/Nepal) prepared a Ten Year Dairy Development Plan (1990-2000) in 1990/91 with the financial assistance from the Royal Danish Government. Based on the recommendation of the Plan, NDDB was established in 1992 (2048 B.S.) under the National Dairy Development Board Act, 1992 as an autonomous body.


Flourished dairy sector capable of supplying adequate locally produced high quality milk and milk products through effective marketing measures.

Dairying in Nepal is a major source of cash income of the majority of Nepali rural farmers. It also contributes about 6 percent of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). NDDB shares dairy development activities in Nepal with Department of Livestock Services and Dairy Development Corporation in the government sector and with the private dairy industries.

NDDB takes initiative on behalf of milk producers’, cooperatives, public and private dairies, NGOs and social institution with regard to their demand on study, research, training, entrepreneurship development, consumer awareness, as well as environment and technical component in dairy sector.

Since its establishment, NDDB has been providing decision-makes a broader understanding on the issues of policy matters on dairy development at the national level.


Promotion of dairy sector including strengthening the market system through appropriate policy inputs to the government.


- To assist HMG/N in formulating policies and plans of dairy development at the national level.
- To develop dairy industries.
- To find remedies of problems in the field of livestock development and animal health sector for dairy development.
- To maintain coordination between all the private and public sector dairies within the country.
- To carry out high level studies and research works for dairy development.
- To make arrangement of fodder and pasture resources.


NDDB pursues the following strategies for achieving its mission of promoting the dairy sector in the country. Undertaking research and policy analysis studies.

- Generation information and dissemination services,
- Fostering institutional networking and coordination,
- Organizing discussion forms, and
- Providing consultancy services.